What Simon's Trucking Does

Van and Refrigerated Trailers

Simon’s Trucking offers many services to our customers by transporting van and refrigerated freight throughout all 48 states and Canada. Simon’s is currently operating 200 van and 30 refrigerated trailers. Our services range from single destination to multi-stop dedicated shipments to trucks that provide dedicated service to just one customer.

Hoppers and Belt Trailers

Simon’s Trucking started its business in 1946 hauling grain and agricultural products in Iowa. We continue to provide these services to our customers in eastern Iowa and throughout the Midwest. Currently, Simon’s is operating 25 belt and hopper trailers throughout the Midwest.


Simon’s also operates a fleet of tanker trailers that hauls products throughout the Midwest region. Products ranging from bio diesel, ethanol, liquid fertilizer, and many other products that can be hauled in our fleet of specialized trailers.

Warehousing and Cross Docking

Located at its corporate headquarters in Farley, IA, Simon’s offers warehousing and cross docking services to our customers.  We have a 25,000 square foot temperature controlled warehouse that offers both warehousing and cross docking opportunities for you shipments.

Our Equipment

At Simon’s Trucking we operate only premium equipment. We have 100% late model tractors that are all air-ride equipped. Our van and refrigerated trailers are also air-ride equipped. Our trailers are 53 foot Stoughton or Utility and our refrigerated trailers are powered by Thermo King units.

Simon’s employs the best mechanics in the industry for their fleet. Each truck and trailer is held up to a rigorous preventative maintenance program to prevent breakdowns on the road. This also includes that each truck and trailer is washed and detailed on a regular basis to represent our company to our customers.