Fall Driving Tips


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Enjoy the Fall weather while you can… because the Farmers’ Almanac predicts a COLD winter! 

Tips for driving this Fall!


1) Leaves

If anyone told you that leaves would be one of the greatest hazards on the road during the fall months, would you believe them? Probably not! Believe it or not leaves can be very dangerous! Piles of leaves could hide pot holes and other debris on the road and other important markers such as turning lanes and highway dividers!

2) Increased Traffic

During the fall months there is also an increased amount of traffic on the roads which can be difficult for drivers on the road. Many drivers are on the road shopping for holidays and finding that perfect turkey for their Thanksgiving meal. Always remember that you are not the only ones on the road and you cannot always predict what other drivers are doing!

3) Adjust for Fewer Daylight Hours

In the Fall time there are fewer hours of daylight so be extra cautious of children, joggers, and other drivers and pedestrians on the road during this time! With this it can be extremely hard to see any pedestrians on the road. Fewer daylight hours is a big adjustment. If you feel fatigued make sure you pull over for rest. Communicate to your fleet manager and take a 20 minute nap. Statistics show 20 minute “Cat Naps” is the perfect amount of rest regardless if you fall asleep or not. Any longer you will fall into the realm stage and will wake up even more exhausted than you did prior to your nap.

4) Stock up on Winter Essentials!

Fall only means one thing…. Pumpkin spice latte’s… JUST KIDDING. Fall means that we are one step closer to winter! This means you’re going to want to dig out your space heater and your warm blankets!! (Unless of course you’re in one of our trucks with a bunk heater)

5) Vehicle Maintenance

Stop by our shop or talk to your fleet manager to schedule maintenance and get your truck cleaned in one of our two on site wash bays. This can ensure that your headlights are clean and in proper order before heading out into foggy or dark road conditions.



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