How to Thrive as a Company Driver

Company Driver

Being a company driver offers a wealth of benefits from job security to health insurance coverage. At least that is what we offer here at Simon’s Trucking in Iowa.

To get the most out of your company driving career, you’ll want to focus on three key areas.

Get Organized

Paperwork is a major aspect of your job when hauling for a company. In addition to having your commercial driver’s license and DOT physical exam certificate on you at all times, you also need to keep logs.

These include pre- and post-trip inspection logs, as well as records of your hours of service. As all commercial truck drivers now use electronic logging devices, you will have a digital record for your on-duty and off-duty operating hours.

All of these records need to be maintained on a daily basis. Otherwise, you risk being non-compliant with the Department of Transportation during a roadside inspection. If this happens to you, it can jeopardize your truck driving career as a company driver.

Be Respectful to Your Rig and Freight

As a company driver, you are responsible for the upkeep of your equipment. Even though your employer will provide maintenance and repairs for your truck, you are in charge of safe operations. You are also responsible for keeping your truck clean inside and out:

  • Take out garbage regularly.
  • Wipe down the windows and dash.
  • Replace any broken gauges or knobs.
  • Keep the sleeper and cab in tidy condition.

The way you treat your truck indicates how serious you take your job. In fact, when dealing with DOT inspectors, it is insider knowledge that an inspector will be more willing to forgo an inspection if they see a driver has taken care of his/her truck.

Taking care of your freight loads is equally as important. If you arrive with a damaged load, the customer may refuse receipt, which will put you in quite the predicament. Maintain proper temperature settings with refrigerated freight, and do a proper washout before and after hauling any agricultural commodities.

Communicate With Dispatch and Customers

Working with a trucking company places you with a team that will help you get the best paying freight on a regular basis. To make this process work in your favor, you need to be a team player. Communicate with your dispatcher and shipping customers as needed.

Not sure you’ll make it to your destination due to weather, construction, road delays, etc.? Tell your dispatcher so they can make proper arrangements for the load. If you need assistance with directions or loading information, speak up. Good communication is vital for truck drivers since they operate solo over the road 99 percent of the time.

Find Company Driving Jobs in Iowa

As you commit to a company driving career, consider the trucking jobs we offer in Iowa. At Simon’s Trucking, we hire company drivers for dry van, refrigerated, tanker, and belt and hopper trailers. Drive for a team that is focused on customer service and high-quality freight opportunities.

All company driving job usually offer the same benefits. But do they offer experience based pay, $1,000 referral program or a family friendly orientated atmosphere?

Come drive for a team that is focused on customer service and high-quality freight opportunities.

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