Importance of Inspections


Limiting Down Time & Repair Costs! 

For most truck drivers time is money. Therefore, on the road repairs could cause you to miss deadlines and put you out of service! By having a check list and a Preventive Maintenance Program Simon’s Trucking can cut this down time on the road. This is why at Simon’s Trucking we operate only premium equipment. We have 100% late model tractors that are all air-ride equipped. By utilizing our Preventive Maintenance Program and scheduling our OTR and Local drivers to come to our shop it dramatically cuts down repair costs and down time for our drivers on the road. Saving you money! We also can cut down this down time by making sure our drivers are completing their Pre and Post Trip Inspections each day!

The 7 Step Inspection Process:

  1. Vehicle Overview
    • Remove keys from ignition and review overall condition of vehicle
    • Check for unusual wear/tear and leaks under tractor
    • Write down anything that’s unusual and make sure it’s taken care of before you leave!
  2. Engine Compartment
    • Check all fluid levels
    • Look for any signs of leakage
    • Check alternator, water pump, compressor belts, and conditioning system
    • Make sure electrical wires are fastened and free of cracks
    • Leave hood open & start the engine
    • Make sure there are no unusual noises
  3. Inside the Cab
    • Check gauges & warning lights
    • Test steering wheels, accelerator, brakes & clutch petals for looseness or unusual feel
    • Wipers & washers should operate smoothly!
    • Inspect/ adjust driver’s seat and safety belt
    • Make sure all safety & emergency equipment is present and in good working order!
  4. Lights
    • Shut off the truck’s engine
    • Check headlights, flashers, running lights & high beams
  5. Walkaround
    • Turn off headlights & flashers- leave other lights on
    • Inspect each wheel & axle, suspension components, fuel tanks, exhaust system, and tailpipe and steering system
    • Check reflectors and lamps!
  6. Signal Lights
    • Turn off warning lights
    • Check your signal lights!
    • Check brake lights as well (have another driver assist you if possible)
  7. Brake System
    • Start the engine!
    • Test your brakes by driving forward
    • Make sure your air brake pressure is building at the appropriate rate
    • Check that your parking/service brake operates correctly




CURRENT DRIVERS!! Do you need to schedule Preventive Maintenance? Give your dispatcher or our shop manager a call today! 



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