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Simon’s Trucking takes a lot of pride in their equipment. Anything from the physical appearance of the equipment to the mechanics. That is why we are hiring a Detailer.

The detailer is responsible for interior and exterior cleaning services that meet company specifications of like new condition.



  • Washes vehicle exterior, cleans interior and exterior windows, and wipes down doorjambs.
  • Applies wax to auto body, and wipes or buffs surface.
  • Vacuums interior of vehicles to remove loose dirt and debris.
  • Cleans using appropriate cleaning agents, applicators, and cleaning devices.
  • Inspects vehicles for noticeable defects, dents, scratches, torn upholstery & poor mechanical operation.
  • Restores appearance of engine area, rugs and upholstery, and painted surfaces.
  • Uses proper eye, hand, and body protection when using products that require protection.
  • Keeps work area neat and clean.
  • Operates all tools and equipment in a safe manner.
  • Reports any safety issues immediately to management.
  • Document jobs with shop maintenance coordinators
  • All other duties assigned



  • Strong listening skills and ability to follow directions
  • Ability to meet physical requirements of job
    • frequent climbing in/out of trucks, reaching & grasping
    • lifting up to 30lbs and frequently standing on feet
  • Ability to become forklift certified and to operate forklift
  • Ability to perform work in safe and alert state of mind at all times
  • Valid driver’s license


Equal Opportunity Employer