Tire Technician

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The Tire Technician is responsible for preventive maintenance and service of commercial tires. 


Responsibilities and Duties:

  •  Maintains, changes, and repairs tires for company vehicles and equipment as needed
  • Determine repairable tire conditions and if they will meet DOT and FMCSR guidelines
  • Utilize proper tools and equipment to complete work in a safe manner.
  • Communicate safety, equipment, tire concerns to the Maintenance Coordinator
  • Check work for accuracy, including assisting other members of the team as needed.
  • Clean work area when needed and at the end of the shift to maintain a safe work environment.
  • Performs routine inspections and maintenance on vehicles and equipment, reports damages and repairs as needed
  • Maintain and store tire inventories as needed



  • Valid Driver’s License
  • This position is labor intensive and requires the lifting and hauling tires (up to 100 lbs)
  • We’re looking for someone with a strong work ethic who is willing to go the extra mile to provide exceptional customer service



 Equal Opportunity Employer


General Job Application

  • Previous Employment

  • Professional References

  • BACKGROUND CHECK POLICY FOR EMPLOYMENT SCREENING It is the policy of Simon’s Trucking Inc. to conduct background checks on their employees in order to provide a safe work environment for current employees, staff and clients. This policy will also help determine and/or confirm the qualifications and suitability of Simon’s employees. Simon Trucking’s policy is to conduct pre-employment background checks on applicants once a conditional offer has been made by the hiring manager and all offers of employment will be contingent upon a satisfactory background check. Simon’s Trucking reserves the right conduct a background screening at any time after you have been employed to determine eligibility for a promotion, reassignment or retention. Eligibility for employment with Simon’s Trucking will depend on a variety of components. Each employee/applicant, part-time employee, and independent contractor will undergo a criminal background check, education and prior employment check. Depending on the particular position, the employee/applicant may undergo a more detailed check which may include searches such as MVR, credit history, or professional license checks. If you have questions about what checks will be performed for your position, please contact the HR department. Compliance within the law Simon’s Trucking Inc. shall comply with any and all laws or regulations, including but not limited to, the Fair Credit Reporting Act (FCRA), the Title VII of Civil Rights Act of 1964, equal opportunity laws, the American with Disabilities Act (ADA) and other state, local or federal regulations governing employment background screening. Although disqualification for a position may be possible based upon the report, Simon’s Trucking will comply with the federal and state laws when considering an applicant for a position. Having adverse information contained in a report will not automatically disqualify anyone. Eligibility will be dependent upon the position, the nature of any criminal offense(s), time elapsed from the offense(s), the conduct of the applicant since the offense(s), rehabilitation, employment history, age of the applicant at the time of the offense, the totality of the applicants qualifications and other factors. Any attempt by an applicant or employee to withhold or falsify information on an application, resume or during an interview, will disqualify the applicant due to falsification of an application.