What is No Touch Freight and How Does it Benefit You?

No Touch Freight

The general public thinks truck drivers sit behind a steering wheel all day long. Well, as you know, that could not be further from the truth. Between fuel stops and roadside freight checks along with pre-trip and post-trip inspections, truckers are in and out of their cab constantly.

For truck drivers that have to load and unload their trailer, the additional amount of physical labor required for freight hauling is intense. This is where no touch freight saves the day. By choosing a trucking company like Simon’s Trucking in Iowa that offers mostly no touch freight, you can save your back and increase your pay.

Defining No Touch Freight

No touch freight is defined as any load that you do not have to load and unload. You literally do not touch the freight. A dry van trailer or a refrigerated trailer can be loaded up and ready to roll with this type of freight setup.

In addition to not loading or unloading the freight, often times the trailer will be secured with a security device. This protects the freight from intrusion and offers increased security for the load, and for you as the driver.

Benefits of Drop and Hook Loads

The primary benefit of drop and hook loads for truck drivers is the reduced physical demand. When you are loading and unloading freight, it involves heavy lifting or the operation of a manual pallet jack or via forklift. Drivers are at risk for back strain, fatigue, or getting injured by warehousing equipment as in the case of forklift operation.

If the driver is expected to break down a palleted load upon delivery, this is physically and time intensive. In fact, all of the time spent loading and unloading a truck takes away from time that truck drivers could be doing what they do best—driving to their next route so they can get paid practical mileage.

Find No Touch Freight in Iowa

Here at Simon’s Trucking, we are a 95 percent no touch freight company. Our truck drivers cover the lower 48 states along with Canada with dry van and refrigerated freight loads. In addition to these over the road trucking jobs, we also hire truck drivers for tanker loads in the Midwest, where we transport chemicals and hazardous materials.

Join our team of safe driving experts while getting the drop and hook jobs you want. Apply today by contacting Simon’s Trucking at 1-800-373-2580 or via the web.

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