Truckers Against Trafficking

Did you know that in 2019 Simon’s Trucking teamed up with an organization called Truckers Against Trafficking?
TAT is a non-profit organization that helps bring awareness to, and trains professional truck drivers along with thousands of other individuals on how to spot the red flags of Human Trafficking.
With almost 3,000 calls made to the TAT hotline, truckers across America have helped save over 1,000 victims over the last 5 years alone.
Although the exact number of human trafficking cases in the United States is almost impossible to determine due to the nature of the crime, we know that thousands of individuals are subjected to this crime every single year. 
Simon’s Trucking, along with hundreds of other companies across the USA have joined forces with Truckers Against Trafficking.

For more information about Truckers Against Trafficking and

to learn the Red Flags to watch for, visit their website:

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