Preventative Maintenance – The Simon’s Way
How Simon's Trucking handlesPreventative MaintenancePreventative maintenance is crucial for afleet of semi-trucks, but how frequently should it be done? For
The Evolution of the Trucking Industry
The Evolution of TruckingOver the past half-century, the trucking industry has undergone significant evolution. We've spoke with several of our
Fuel Efficiency, Join Us in Achieving More
Increasing Fuel Efficiency What is Fuel Efficiency? In today's world, whether we are driving professionally or solely for personal use,
It All Started with Two Trucks
Everyone has a story,here's ours.It all started with 2 trucks. Family owned and operated since the beginning in 1946, Simon's
Communication – The Cornerstone of Success
Communication - The Cornerstone of Success According to the Merriam-Webster dictionary the definition of Communication is:a process by which information
Truckers Against Trafficking
Truckers Against Trafficking Did you know that in 2019 Simon’s Trucking teamed up with an organization called Truckers Against Trafficking?
Winter Wonderland – Make it Safe
Winter Wonderland - But Make It SafeWith December here and the weather temperatures starting to decline, we know it's just
We Are Thankful for You!
We Are Thankful for You!For many, taking time off around the holidays isn’t an option and our hearts go out
Professionally Done – Part V
Professionally Done - Part VMedical, dental, vision, 401K & 401K matching is just the beginning of what we offer our
And You Know What? I Did! – Part IV
"And You Know What? I Did"- Part IVAt Simon’s Trucking we work hard to get the job done but we
“Anytime I’ve Needed Something, Simon’s Has Made It Happen” – Part III
"Anytime I've Needed Something, Simon's Has Made It Happen" - Part IIIWe at Simon’s Trucking do our best to schedule
“They Have Really Top-Notch Equipment.” – Part II
“They Have Really Top Notch Equipment” – Part IIMaintenance FacilityOur technicians are here on site and ready to keep you