We Are Thankful for You!

For many, taking time off around the holidays isn’t an option and our hearts go out to those who will be on the road rather than at home with their loved ones this holiday season.  We want you to know that we appreciate you; we are grateful for you, and we hope you have the best holiday no matter where you end up this year. Knowing that being home may not be an option, we wanted to share some ideas on how to stay connected with your family and friends as well as share some places to get a good home cooked meal while out on the road.

Dinner on the Road

Some truck stops, such as I80 Truck stop in Walcott, IA are offering Thanksgiving dinner buffets. If you know where you will be headed or parking for the night, call ahead to the truck stop and ask if they will have anything similar. If not, other great places to grab a nice home-style meal. All of these restaurant's state that they will have ham and turkey dinners available all day long on Thanksgiving Day. 

  • Bob Evans
  • Boston Market
  • Cracker Barrel
  • Golden Corral

Traveling the same route as a friend? Try meeting up along your route and take your break together so you don’t have to eat alone.

Staying Connected

Stay connected with family and friends by scheduling a call. Technology these days is such a powerful tool and there are so many ways to keep in touch. The below are ways that you can video chat an easy, and usually free way to see the faces of the ones you love.

  • Skype
  • Zoom
  • Facetime
  • Duo
  • Facebook Video Messenger

By scheduling specific times with your friends and family you can make sure that you will be stopped and able to talk to them, even if it is only for a few minutes.

Connecting through Music

Music is another wonderful way to connect with people. Another idea to stay connected is to create a shared family playlist on Spotify. We reached out to our employees and created 2 of these for you to enjoy.

To listen to our Simon's Trucking Employee Holiday favorites click here:

To listen to our Simon's Trucking Employee Favorite music click here:

We know that the Holiday Season would be a lot different if it wasn’t for all of the men and women in trucking. Thank you for all you do and Happy Thanksgiving.