When we enter November, two things come to my mind – Veterans and Thanksgiving.

A month where we should be thankful for those who have protected this nation, along with those who have passed and are currently serving.

Be Kind

Even though we all have differences, it is critical that we be kind and remember the golden rule to “treat others the way you would like to be treated”. You’ll be surprised how easy you can make someone’s day. Don't forget to smile. Smiles are contagious and make a huge difference! Hold the door for someone. Say hello or have a great day. 

Helping others and seeing others be happy will naturally put you in a better mood. Even though the days are getting shorter and the time changes, make the most of each day while the sun is out! 

Thanksgiving is right around the corner and did you know...

Everything from your store bought turkey to the fuel used to get you to your family's house Thanksgiving Day was hauled by a truck driver?

Pumpkin Pie

Did you know? Around 50 million pumpkin pies are consumed each Thanksgiving. Some people make homemade pumpkin pie by going to their local pumpkin patch or store. But if you're like me you go to the store and buy a can or two of the pumpkin puree! Both of which could come from an OTR truck driver across the country!


Last year American's spent over $900 million dollars on turkey alone! Due to the increase in cost of turkey Americans will likely spend even more this year. Have you ever wondered how the Turkey got to the store? You guessed it! A truck driver!

Side Dishes

Let's not forget about the potatoes. Americans consume over 250 million pounds of potatoes every year! If you love potatoes like we do make sure to thank a truck driver!