Look Before you Step!

It doesn't matter what type of vehicle you operate, entering or exiting a vehicle is more hazardous when walking surfaces are slippery.

Look before you step! Make sure you place your foot where there is adequate traction to support your weight.

Hold onto the vehicle as you transfer your weight from standing to sitting.

When entering/exiting your truck or standing/climbing on metallic steps or vehicle components, be careful as they may freeze up and not look slippery. DON'T jump from a vehicle or loading dock.

3 Points of Contact

  • Keep either one foot & two hands, or two feet & one hand in contact of your truck/trailer at all times. This allows you to catch yourself even if you slip.
  • Keep your truck steps clean.
  • Always face your truck/trailer when getting in or out.
  • NEVER jump out. You cannot be sure of your footing where you will land.
  • Wear footwear with good, non -slip soles.
  • Do not use your fuel tank or other round surfaces as a step.
  • In the winter months, you will want to wear gloves to keep your hands warm and dry so they don't slip.

Did you know?

  • One in four injuries suffered by those who operate trucks are a result of getting in our out of the vehicle.
  • Nationwide falls account for 15% of all workplace deaths and 70% of all falls occurred at the bottom step!
  • The average lost income for a employee of a slip and fall injury is $25,000 due to being out of work.

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