CVSA’s Brake Safety Week


Checking brake system components is always part of the roadside inspection process; however, inspectors will be paying special attention to brake hoses/tubing during this year’s Brake Safety Week to highlight the importance of those components to vehicle mechanical fitness and safety,” the CVSA states.


Reviewing FMCSA statistics the top brake violations are:

  • Clamp or roto type brake out of adjustment
  • Automatic brake adjustment system that fails to compensate for wear
  • Brake hose or tubing chafing and/or kinking
  • No or defective anti-lock braking system (ABS) malfunction indicator lamp for trailer
  • Inoperative or defective brakes


Pre-Trip Inspection

As you know a good pre-trip takes about 15 minutes to conduct.  A failure with your brakes can turn catastrophic. Make sure you are paying special attention.

When inspecting your brakes remember “eyes, hands & feet”


  • Eyes – look at your tractor and trailer. Do you see any leaning? If leaning or slouched to one side, you may have suspension issues or a flat/underinflated tire. Either one will impact on-road braking performance and may cause brake adjustment issues.
  • Hands – Use your hands to check that electrical cords, air lines and glad hands between the tractor and trailer are all secure, with no abrasions, cuts or bulges & no air leaks.
  • Feet – In the cab, you will use your feet to conduct the brake test: applied pressure test, warning light and buzzer, and tractor/trailer protection valve pop-out.


Preventive Maintenance

  • Preventive Maintenance can let you get ahead of potential problems before they become costly repairs!
  • This is why Simon’s has some of the best equipment in the industry.
  • Give our Maintenance Coordinators, Mike or Jeff, a call to schedule your preventive maintenance today! (563)-744-3304 ext 320.